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5 Signs It’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Are you getting bored with your bathroom?

Maybe you moved into a home with a drab bathroom that you haven’t had a chance to fix, or your personalized bathroom isn’t interesting to you anymore. Whatever the reason, you’re feeling an urge to make a few upgrades.

But how do you know when it’s the right time?

A bathroom remodel isn’t cheap, so it’s important to know if you’re ready for it. There are several indications that a bathroom remodel is the next thing that you should do for your home.

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to call a bathroom remodeler.

1. Your Needs Have Changed

It’s normal for your bathroom to no longer be suitable for you or your family. As our lives change, our needs change. While you might not think about the bathroom as a place that needs upgrades based on your needs, it is!

Have you expanded your family? If you’ve added children to your family, you might want to switch from a shower to a bath/shower combo. This allows you to easily bathe and observe your children while they’re little when showers aren’t as easy. While you can bathe infants in the sink, older children need more space.

This is also true if you’ve brought an older family member into the home. Some people, as they age, may feel more secure if they have a more accessible bathroom. They may want a bar in the shower to avoid falls, a walk-in shower, or a place to put a shower seat.

Speaking of accessibility, have you developed your own mobility issues? If you or a loved one is in a wheelchair, you may want to make some changes. You need enough space for the chair to get around and you may need to make modifications to the sink and storage so it’s easier to reach.

All of these things can be discussed with a good bathroom remodeler.

2. You’re Struggling With Storage

When you’re dealing with a small bathroom, storage is almost always a problem. We don’t all have the luxury of spacious bathroom closets, but there’s often so much to store.

Between towels, toiletries, sanitary products, and cleaning supplies, there’s often not enough room in your medicine cabinet and under-sink cabinets. You might resort to using another closet outside of the bathroom for spare storage, but how can you get to things when you need them in a rush?

What about storing things out of the reach of children (or things where children can get them if they need them)? If you have medication, you need to find space where kids can’t get access to it, and not everyone already has that.

If you have a child that needs to be able to grab towels, toilet paper, or a stool, they need to have it at child-level.

Extra storage can help with this. A good small bathroom remodel is the answer.

3. You’re Bored With Your Bathroom

There’s no need to keep a bathroom that you no longer like. Even if the only problem with your bathroom is that you no longer like it, that’s more than enough of a reason to change things up.

There are plenty of reasons that you’d want to change it up for your own aesthetic needs. Do you feel like you deserve a fancy new tub? You do!

Do you want two sinks instead of one? What about a larger shower? Are your boring old linoleum tiles bringing you down?

You don’t have to feel like it’s a waste of money. The bathroom remodel cost can be steep, but you’re worth it. Make that bathroom feel like it’s yours again.

4. You’ve Remodeled The Rest of the Home

Even if you used to love your bathroom, it’s possible that it just doesn’t fit in anymore. When the rest of your home looks different, why not match that energy with your bathroom so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb?

You don’t have to match the rest of your home exactly, but this is a great time to adjust your color scheme and overall aesthetic to match the vibes that you’ve been going for in the rest of your home.

5.  Your Bathroom Needs a Modern Upgrade

So you like the look and feel of your bathroom. What now? Can you still remodel it?

If you live in an old house, it’s possible that it hasn’t gotten a good bathroom update in ages. You might have sinks that need to be replaced due to rust or poor plumbing, your bath tumb might have experienced some wear and tear, and your toilet looks downright ancient.

Modern bathroom upgrades tend to have better water pressure and environmental benefits, and they’re often easier to clean.

While there are some nice things about having old bathroom fixtures (like a clawfoot tub, for example), it’s best to upgrade everything. This also helps to improve the overall value of your home if you ever decide to sell.

Is It Time for a Bathroom Remodel?

Don’t hesitate to get your new bathroom remodeled. You can make your bathroom fit your ideal home aesthetic, upgrade all of those old and outdated fixtures, make your bathroom more accessible, and finally have all of the storage that you’ve ever wanted or needed.

A good bathroom remodeler can bring your vision to life. Why hesitate?

If it’s time for you to remodel your bathroom, we want to help. Our experienced remodelers can help you find your perfect bathroom fixtures so you can lounge in the tub or relax in the shower in style. Contact us for more information or to get a quote today.

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