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Your Complete Guide to Jacuzzi® Bathtub Maintenance

Jetted Jacuzzi® bathtubs are a luxury addition to any home, providing a relaxing and soothing bathing experience. They also come with a whole host of benefits; Jacuzzi® tubs are low maintenance, durable, and easy to install. To ensure your Jacuzzi® bathtub remains in top-notch condition and continues to deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, proper maintenance is essential. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the essential steps and best practices to maintain and care for your Jacuzzi® tub effectively. If you don’t yet have a tub but you’re interested in how we here at Express Bath can create the bathroom of your dreams, call us at 256-330-6478 or contact us online.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the foundation of Jacuzzi® bathtub maintenance. A clean tub not only looks appealing, but also operates optimally. Begin by using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces of the tub. Be sure to clean the jets, air injectors, and other components to prevent the buildup of soap scum, bacteria, and mold. 

It’s also recommended to run an empty cycle with warm water and a cleaning solution once a month. This helps to flush out any residue from the jets and internal plumbing. 

Flushing the Jets

Over time, debris and minerals can accumulate in the jets, affecting their performance. To address this, it’s crucial to flush the jets periodically. 

Start by filling the tub with warm water and adding a designated jet cleaner. Run the jets for 10-15 minutes to flush out any buildup. For a deeper clean, consider using a pipe-cleaning product specifically designed for Jacuzzi® bathtubs. 

Inspecting and Sealing

Regular inspections are vital to identifying and addressing any potential issues with your Jacuzzi® bathtub. Check for any signs of damage, cracks, or leaks in the tub’s structure. If you notice any issues, it’s essential to address them promptly to prevent further damage. 

Additionally, ensure that the seal around the bathtub is intact to prevent water leakage. If you observe any deterioration or areas where the sealant has come loose, reseal the tub to maintain its watertight integrity. If you need a hand, don’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted experts here at Express Bath.  

balancing water chemistry for Jacuzzi® bathtub maintenanceBalancing Water Chemistry

Proper water chemistry is vital to the longevity of your Jacuzzi® bathtub. Test the water regularly, using a water testing kit to maintain the right pH and alkalinity levels. Imbalance of water chemistry can cause corrosion and damage to the bathtub’s components. 

Use a water testing kit to measure the pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels of the water. Adjust the chemicals as needed to maintain a healthy balance. Additionally, be cautious about the type and amount of chemicals you introduce into the water, as excessive use can damage the tub’s surface. 

Replacing Filters

The filters in your Jacuzzi® bathtub play a crucial role in maintaining water clarity and quality. They trap debris, oils, and other particles, preventing them from re-entering the water. Over time, these filters can become clogged and less effective.

Replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or when you notice reduced water flow. Typically, filters should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. However if you notice an issue, replace them immediately. Additionally, clean the filters regularly to prolong their lifespan.

Emptying and Refilling

Regularly emptying and refilling your Jacuzzi® bathtub is essential for maintaining a fresh and clean bathing experience. Depending on usage, aim to drain and refill your Jacuzzi® bathtub every 1 to 3 months.

When you empty the tub, take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the surfaces and jets. Use a mild cleaner to wipe down the interior, paying attention to areas prone to residue buildup. This routine will keep your Jacuzzi® bathtub pristine and inviting for each use. 

white tub with an elderly woman

Other Best Practices for Jacuzzi® Bathtub Maintenance

Use Recommended Cleaning Products

Always use cleaning products recommended by the Jacuzzi® bathtub manufacturer. These products are specifically formulated to be gentle on the tub’s surfaces while effectively cleaning and disinfecting.

Mind the Water Temperature

Avoid using excessively hot water in your Jacuzzi® bathtub. High temperatures can cause damage to the tub’s components and may also affect the effectiveness of the jets and air injectors. 

Limit the Use of Bath Oils and Salts

While adding bath oils and salts can enhance your bathing experience, excessive use can leave residue in the tub and potentially clog the jets. Use them sparingly to avoid maintenance issues. 

Properly Caring for Your Jacuzzi® Tub

Your Jacuzzi® bathtub is a valuable investment that deserves proper care and maintenance. By incorporating the steps outlined in this guide and following best practices, you can ensure that your Jacuzzi® bathtub remains in excellent condition for years to come. 

Remember, a well-maintained Jacuzzi® bathtub not only provides a relaxing retreat but also adds significant value to your home. Make Jacuzzi® bathtub maintenance a routine, and relish the blissful and revitalizing bathing experience your tub offers. Remember to regularly clean, inspect, and balance the water chemistry and don’t hesitate to seek professional help when needed. Keep your luxury intact, ensuring every soak is a rejuvenating escape. 

If you need more information on how to properly maintain your Jacuzzi® bathtub, please call 256-330-6478 or contact us online.

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