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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

When you’re planning your bathroom remodel, creating a budget you’re comfortable spending is often one of the first steps you’ll take. So, how much does a bathroom remodel cost? How can you create a realistic budget and still get the bathroom of your dreams?

We’re here to help! While the simple answer about bathroom remodeling costs is that it depends. Let’s explore some of the average costs and the different factors that will impact your budget. 

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost in Alabama

Bathroom renovation with a walk in shower shower, mirror, and cabinetsFirst, it’s important to understand that bathroom remodeling costs can vary greatly by region. Here in the East South Central part of the country, the average cost of a mid-range bathroom remodel is around $23,000, according to Remodeling magazine. 

However, the reality is that your specific project could be much less (or more) than that figure. Why is it so hard to give a solid answer about how much a bathroom remodel costs? It’s because each project can vary so much. 

Factors That Determine the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

When you’re planning your budget, these are the factors that have the greatest impact on the total price you’ll end up paying. 

Changing the Layout of the Space

Simply put, the more elaborate your remodel, the more expensive the project. If you plan to significantly change the layout of your bathroom by moving walls or moving your shower to a different part of the room, this will be more expensive than simply replacing your bathtub or choosing the best bath for the elderly.

The Materials You Choose

One of the best parts of remodeling your bathroom is creating a design that reflects your personal style. This is easier than ever thanks to all of the different material options available. In most cases, tile is a more expensive material, and using it throughout your bathroom can quickly drive up the price of your project. 

Here at Express Bath, our goal is to offer high-quality, yet affordable products for customers. We proudly offer acrylic showers and tubs, which tend to be more durable than tile and easier on the wallet. We also offer luxurious Jacuzzi® tubs and showers for a spa-like experience in your own home at a price that won’t break the bank. 

The Contractor You Hire

Finally, the bathroom remodeler you hire will have a significant impact on how much you’ll have to pay. Certain contractors charge more for labor costs than others, so you may need to shop around until you find a remodeler that works with your budget. Remember to consider the type of remodel and if you intend to renovate a bathroom for seniors.

Here at Express Bath, we believe that everyone deserves a bathroom they truly love, which is why we do everything in our power to offer high-quality, affordable services. One way we do this is by offering special offers and discounts to our customers. 

Request a Quote for Your Bathroom Remodel

The easiest way to determine how much your bathroom remodel cost is to request an estimate that factors in the specifics of your project. When you’re ready to take that next step, the Express Bath team is here for you! Contact us today to tell us more about your project ideas and request a free quote as you determine your remodeling budget. 

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