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Safe and Beautiful Bathrooms for Seniors

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Safe and Beautiful Bathrooms for Seniors

As we get older, how we move around and use the features in our homes also changes. The bathroom, in particular, poses a higher risk of injury as we age. Our team here at Express Bath wants to help every member of the family feel safe in their homes. That’s why we specialize in creating beautiful and safe bathrooms for seniors. Let us help you transform your bathroom to be more functional as well!

If you’d like to learn more about our aging-in-place services or you want to talk to one of our bathroom remodeling experts, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 256-330-6478 or contact us online

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Bathrooms for Seniors

More and more local homeowners here in Northern Alabama are opting to stay in their homes for the long term, choosing to age in place rather than move to an assisted living facility. If you’re thinking of doing the same, it helps to have an expert remodeler on your side. 

The key to an aging-in-place remodel is thinking about your needs now and anticipating what they might be in the future. Our team specializes in these types of remodels, so we’re here to guide you as you decide which features will be most important for you. 

Biggest Safety Risks in the Bathroom

Before you start planning your safe bathroom upgrades, it’s helpful to have a better understanding of the biggest safety risks to seniors. 

Slipping, tripping, and falling: The wet surfaces in a bathroom can cause dangerous falls for seniors, which can lead to serious injuries or even death. Additionally, stepping over the high threshold of a bathtub or shower can be difficult for seniors. In some cases, your foot might catch on the edge, causing you to trip and injure yourself. 

Mold and mildew growth: As we get older, it can be more difficult to keep up with cleaning tasks, especially in the bathroom. Unfortunately, mold and mildew can start to grow, which can lead to poor air quality and even respiratory issues down the line. Replacing your bathtub or shower can eliminate the mold, but until you remodel, make sure you remove the mold safely to keep the air in your home clean.

What to Remove From Your Bathroom to Make It Safer

Before you take on a full remodeling project, there are a few updates you can make to your bathroom to make it safer in almost no time at all. Take the time to remove the following items from your bathroom to give you peace of mind: 

  • Loose bath mats or rugs, which can cause you to trip or slip
  • Items with plugged-in cords, which also pose a tripping hazard
  • Bathing products from the floor of your shower or tub, which can trip you up while you bathe

What to Add to Your Bathroom to Make It Safer

As your local aging-in-place experts, we can update your bathroom to make it safer, often in as little as just a day or two. Here are the top safety upgrades that seniors should consider adding to their bathrooms: 

Walk-in tubs: These bathtubs for seniors have a secure, low-entry door, comfortable seating, and a handheld shower head making it easier than ever to bathe safely. 

Barrier-free shower: These showers for seniors have a low-entry threshold, so you can easily walk into your shower without fear of tripping. They can also be compatible with wheelchairs and walkers. 

Safety accessories: Customize your bathroom with safety features like grab bars, built-in seating, and non-slip flooring for added stability. 

Why Choose the Express Bath Team?

Since the day we opened our doors, our goal has remained the same: to provide high-quality bathroom remodels to local homeowners throughout Northern Alabama. When you hire us for your senior bathtub or shower remodeling project, know that we’ll provide you with the best possible experience every step of the way. 

Schedule Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Don’t wait any longer to make your bathroom safer! Whether you’re planning to age in place or you’re creating a safe bathroom for the special senior in your life, our team is here to make it happen. To get started, call us at 256-330-6478 or contact us online

FAQs About Bathrooms for Seniors

When should I consider a senior bathroom remodel?

There’s no wrong time to update your bathroom to be safer. But, here are a few signs it’s time to get your project on the books:

  • You have trouble bathing independently
  • You’re getting close to retirement
  • You are experiencing mobility restrictions
  • You want to be proactive about aging in place

Will my bathroom look old?

Not at all. Our aging-in-place features are beautiful and modern, so you can feel safe in your bathroom without it looking old or dated.