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Soak Up These Amazing Bathroom Renovation Ideas You’ll Completely Love

You’re so bored of your bathroom. That tile is feeling tired and old. And that 1980s vanity? It’s certainly time for a bathroom renovation.

But, where do you begin to choose the best bathroom renovation ideas? After all, the best bathroom renovation will be a long-term investment that can change how you live and enjoy your home. And, the right renovation may even add value to your home in the case of resale.

With these important results on the line, you can’t take your bathroom makeover lightly. It’s important to prepare for the renovation by streamlining your budget and knowing your style aesthetic.

Then, you can dive into transforming your bathroom into the sanctuary of your dreams. Read on to discover the best ideas to get started. 

Bathroom Renovation Advice 

Before we dive into the best design ideas, it’s important to get in the correct headspace to prepare for a bathroom renovation. Whether you need an affordable bathroom renovation or want to splurge on a luxurious bathroom retreat, this advice can help launch those ideas.  

Define Your Budget 

A renovation can become a costly undertaking. And chances are, you have saved and prepared for this remodel for a long time. But, do you know where your budget will go?

Do you know the cost-saving bathroom options? Do you know which part of your bathroom is best to splurge? Defining your budget and having a realistic expectation of potential renovation costs can prepare you for this venture.

If you have doubts about budgeting or expected costs it’s best to work with a professional renovation company. Express Bath offers customers more than 35 years of combined experience in bath renovations and remodels. The team can help define your budget, dream up a renovation plan, and install a bathroom that will exceed your expectations. 

Know Your Style 

A bathroom renovation requires you to choose a variety of fixtures, finishes, and design schemes. For example, do you want a modern and sleek bathroom? Have you always envisioned a colorful or vintage-inspired bathroom?

When you discover your decorating style, renovating becomes a breeze. That’s because you’ll have a clear vision of how you want the space to look, feel, and function. 

Bathroom Renovation Timeline 

Consider the right time to plan a bathroom renovation. Construction projects can take a shorter or longer period of time than initially planned. Therefore, it is important to plan life events around the renovation and be flexible should changes arise. 

Think Long-Term 

How will your bathroom renovation stand the test of time? Have you considered how you plan to use the space today and in the future?

This will help ensure your bathroom investment becomes a long-term and profitable design decision. Now that you feel more prepared to take on this renovation, let’s explore some of the best bathroom renovation ideas! 

White Design 

An all-white bathroom design is a chic and classic renovation style. You won’t ever have to worry about your bathroom looking tired or outdated.

White is also a favorite hue for potential home buyers due to its universal appeal. And, the color is also known to create a calming and relaxing feeling-  just perfect for a bathroom. 

Monochromatic Look 

Monochromatic design helps a space feel cohesive and luxurious. In your bathroom, try mixing different materials like stone, tile, or wood. But, keep these materials within the same color family to tell a design story. 

Small Bathroom Renovation 

A small bathroom renovation can still pack a punch with less space. These bathrooms often take the most ingenuity to plan and get the most out of each inch. For example, consider a pedestal sink instead of a traditional vanity.

This will help free up floor space and create the illusion of a bigger bathroom area. Use wall space for storage by creating free-floating shelving.

And in a smaller space, you can take bold design risks. Try installing a colorful wallpaper or choose a brilliant paint color to lighten the space. 

Vintage-Inspired Bathroom Renovation 

For vintage design lovers, a new bathroom renovation can still feel authentic and historic. Install vintage-size floor tiles for a big impact. And don’t forget to choose natural textures like wood or stone. 

Bath Tub Replacement

Don’t have the budget or the time to take on a full bathroom renovation? A bathtub replacement can change the entire look of your bathroom without sacrificing finances.

If your tub is old or outdated this can help create a more modern and cleaner space. Check out these customizable bathroom replacement options and services.  

The Tile Effect 

Replacing your bathroom with beautiful tile is an eye-catching and unique way to make a design impact. Tile your entire bathroom in one simple pattern. Or, mix and match tiles for an eclectic look. 

Multi-Functional Bathroom 

Renovate your bathroom to become more functional for your entire household. Consider expanding your vanity to include a makeup station with seating. Or, if storage is a concern, consider built-ins and storage towers to organize all your necessities. 

Tub-to-Shower Conversion 

For convenience and safety, invest in a tub-to-shower conversion. You may find your bathtub left unused and taking up valuable space in your bathroom. A tub-to-shower conversion is a practical renovation fix that can free up floor space and change the look of your entire bathroom.  

These Bathroom Renovation Ideas Can Inspire Your Next Design  

Have these bathroom renovation ideas inspired your next design? Remember that renovating a bathroom is a big investment of time and money. Therefore it is important to set your expectations and budget.

Understand how you plan to use your bathroom space in the future and what renovations are necessary to transform your space. These ideas can help you plan your bathroom retreat so you can enjoy this space for years to come. If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom and want to speak with an expert, contact Express Bath today. 

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